Pauline Hanson Unconvinced The World Is Round


Newly elected Senator Pauline Hanson, having declared she will no longer talk to the press, has today talked to the press about her doubts over scientific research that the world is round and has instead called for an inquiry, believing that the world is in fact flat.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Senator-elect Hanson said: “I think we rush into things and take what scientists say as gospel, I mean it was only in the 1500s that people started thinking that the world is round, where’s the research? I mean the other day I was looking at my atlas and the map of the world in that was flat, please explain that, Mr Scientist.”

Dr Tony Atlas head of geography at the Yabbie Creek University, after banging his head against a desk for 10 minutes, responded to Ms Hanson’s claims, saying: “The world was discovered to be round in the 1500s, we have pictures from space, irrefutable proof. I mean what next, studying science leads to kids developing autism? Bring on the mission to Mars, this world is done.”

When Dr Atlas’s response was relayed to Ms Hanson she responded by calling for a royal commission into whether or not studying science caused autism and asked for science to be immediately outlawed.

Mark Williamson

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  1. You guys are really saying too many nice things about One Nation (PLEASE EXPLAIN) what about saying some real negative things about this party, and could you PLEASE EXPLAIN why you are being so kind to One Nation and their GREAT LEADER, Herr Pauline PLEASE EXPLAIN Hanson


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