Derryn Hinch Pissed About Being Accused Of Being Pissed

shame shame shame

Senator and beard enthusiast Derryn Hinch has been revealed to be mightily pissed off about being accused of being pissed after an alleged night on the piss.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Hinch spoke of his anger, saying: “How dare people accuse me, a recovering alcoholic, of being back on the turps. I have given up alcohol, served my time, made my peace but people never just forgive and forget do they? Now would you like this list of convicted sex offenders to publish?”

Senator Hinch the recipient of a donated liver has been warned to avoid alcohol as it risks further damaging his new liver.

However The (un)Australian’s chief medical expert Dr Ian Peter Freely said that alcohol wasn’t the only thing that Hinch should avoid, explaining: “Derryn really needs to have a calm and peaceful lifestyle as being angry and upset can cause a buildup of bile which is toxic to the liver.

“His choice of being a Senator is not really conducive to this, so what the hell he may as well have a beer next time Pauline Hanson says something aggravating, if you’re going to go out, you may as well do so happily drunk.”

Mark Williamson

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