Senator Roberts Calls For Banning Clouds As They Could Harbour Terrorists


One Nation Senator and holder of Australia’s largest collection of tin foil hats Malcolm Roberts has demanded the government ban clouds in the sky as they could be used to harbour terrorists.

Of his cloud concerns, Senator Roberts told The (un)Australian: “We can’t know for sure that terrorists are not hiding in the clouds, there is no empirical evidence.

“The other day I was sitting on the roof of Parliament house staring at the clouds and I saw one that was shaped like a terrorist, I saw another one that looked like a dog and another cloud that looked like rain.”

As to how the government could prevent clouds, Senator Roberts theorised: “We get everyone together, give them straws and we blow the clouds away, like that wolf fellow who had to deal with those pigs.”

When reached for comment, the Prime Minister’s office asked us to place all enquiries or suggestions from Senator Roberts in the rubbish bin-shaped “special file”.

Mark Williamson

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