One Nation Calls On ABC TV Presenters To Wear Australian Flag Capes On Air

Reclaim Australia

The One Nation party (not as fun as it sounds) has called upon ABC TV news reporters and presenters to show their patriotism by wearing the Australian flag as a cape whislt on-air. The call comes following the maiden speech of One Nation Senator Brian Burston, who called out the ABC for it’s lack of patriotism.

Mr Burston told The (un)Australian : “It’s time these commie, pinko’s over at the ABC started putting Australia first! Why none of the presenters wear the Aussie flag as a cape when reading the news is not right!

“And not just the news presenters either, all ABC people should wear the flag and wear it with pride, I mean look at those Bananas in Pajamas? Are they too good to wear the flag? Lazy fruits lounging around all day in pajamas and don’t get me started on Big Ted, he doesn’t even bother wearing pants, I bet he supports ‘Safe Schools’ bloody lefties.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, when contacted about the One Nation proposal, said, “Exciting times.” Before he walked away weeping, it was assumed they were tears of joy about the proposal.

Mark Williamson

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