October 11th To Be Known As “National Sorry To The Gambling Industry” Day


NSW Premier Mike Baird has  issued an an unreserved apology to the state’s gambling operators over his ‘thought bubble’ of closing down the greyhound industry.  He has also announced that October 11th will be recognised as “National Sorry To The Gambling Industry” day.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Baird said: “I did not realise the hurt and sorrow I was inflicting on good honest people, like bookies, trainers and live baiters by banning the dishlickers. I can’t believe that I for one moment put the lives of animals ahead of the livelihoods of people in the gambling industry.

“I’m sorry NSW, I pledge to be a better Premier and I will listen next time Alan Jones or Ray Hadley yells at me. And above all else I promise to make the state of New South Wales great again for people to gamble away their incomes.”

Opposition Leader Luke Foley could not be reached for comment as he was away trying to think up a new policy now that his campaign to reintroduce greyhound racing was successful. Insiders tip that Mr Foley may be considering lobbying for cock fighting or bear baiting as a way to revive the State’s fortunes.

Mark Williamson

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