Trump Refuses To Rule Out Invading Poland


American President elect Donald Trump has refused to rule out invading Poland after the country declined to extradite film director and statutory rapist Roman Polanski.

Tweeting to @TheUnOz President elect Trump tweeted: “I will consider invading Poland to get to Roman. From there who knows? #ImPrezBiatch!”

Following that tweet the President elect also tweeted about his unhappiness with the CIA, Julian Assange, the price of donuts, Metallica, Chyna (the WWE wrestler not the country) and his thoughts on the new season of the Gilmore Girls.

On the Gilmore Girls he tweeted: “That Lorelai has some nerve. Send her to Trump University, that’ll straighten her out.”

No one from Hollywood was available to comment on Roman Polanski as it was the start of awards season and this years cause celebre is the redemption of Mel Gibson. Polanski is scheduled to be revered by Hollywood at a later date.

Mark Williamson

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