Malcolm Turnbull Quaffs Sherry As Crowd Cheers At Double Bay Polo Tournament


malcolm turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has delighted onlookers at the Double Bay polo tournament by quaffing a sherry during a break in play.

Hedge fund manager and avid polo enthusiast Lloyd Barrington Von Snoot, spoke to The (un)Australian about Mr Turnbull’s quaffing, saying: “Dear Malcolm is such a hoot I mean who quaffs sherry like that? I tell you first he generously cuts company tax rates then he quaffs sherry at the polo, if the old boy keeps this up we may not need to axe him before the next election. Christian Porter may just have to wait his turn.”

A jubilant Prime Minister Turnbull also spoke to The (un)Australian saying: “Exciting times, I mean there was a break in play whilst the boys replaced their mallets so I thought let’s keep the crowd entertained by quaffing a little sherry. I mean Bob Hawke did it with beer but lunch was seafood so I was not going to mix beer with seafood when we all know that beer should only be consumed whilst eating German food. I may be agile and innovative but I’m not ridiculous ”

Opposition leader Bill Shorten could not be reached for comment as he was busy working the phones to ensure that Bob Hawke was not entertaining a comeback.

Mark Williamson

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