Senator Roberts Appalled That New Zealand Rugby Fans Would Dare Boo Israel



Senator Malcolm Roberts has called on the Prime Minister to declare war on New Zealand after learning that New Zealand rugby fans had booed Israel Folau in a recent Wallabies All Blacks game.

Speaking to The (un)Australian a tin foil hat wearing Roberts spoke of his anger at New Zealand, saying: “How dare they disrespect Israel! It’s time our Government took punitive action against that country and declared war. The world needs to get behind Israel, he’s a great player and if New Zealand doesn’t like that then we will have to do something about it.”

A spokesperson for the New Zealand Government responded to Senator Roberts claims, saying: “We initially dismissed Senator Roberts as a village idiot however now we realise that mental health issues effect all members of the community including Senators, we wish Senator Roberts all the best as he battles his illness.”

When told of the comments Senator Roberts responded by saying: “Where is their empirical evidence that I am a village idiot? I don’t live in a village so at best I am city idiot, you just can’t go around making these uninformed statements. Now have I told you about how the Rothschilds invented climate change to oppress the common man?”

Mark Williamson

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