Senator Malcolm Roberts Blames The UN For His Inability To Buy Zooper Doopers


One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has unloaded on the United Nations (UN), blaming it for his inability to purchase Zooper Doopers over the weekend. Zooper Doopers are a frozen flavoured ice treat popular with children.

An irate Senator Roberts spoke to The (un)Australian about his inability to buy Zooper Doopers, saying: “The bloody UN and it’s climate change this, and global warming that, has bloody gone and pushed up demand for Zooper Doopers.”

“All I want is a goddamn Zooper Dooper on a Saturday afternoon and what did I get? A flaming paddle pop, I tell you I’m demanding we disband the UN.”

When reached for comment One Nation Leader, James Ashby referred us to his deputy, Pauline Hanson who said of Malcolm: “Look, Malcolm is a passionate man with his finger on the pulse. If he thinks the UN is to blame for a lack of Zooper Doopers then I have no reason not to believe him. I mean I’m sure he has empirical evidence.

The UN has declined to comment citing their ‘no comment on Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts latest conspiracy theory’ policy.

Mark Williamson

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