Jacqui Lambie To Return To ABC’s Q&A Next Week For Car Park Punch Up


Tasmanian Senator and aspiring voiceover artist Jacqui Lambie has confirmed today that she will appear next week in the car park of ABC TV’s Q&A program. Her appearance in the car park is to help aid a discussion of ideas in the form of a punch up.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Lambie discussed her appearance on next week’s show, saying: “Decent Australian’s are sick of people shouting at each other on TV, so it’s time to take it outside. If you have a problem with me then let’s go. Disagree with me banning the burqa then walk into the car park and walk out with it on. You leave me lying face down, I might not agree with you but damn I’ll respect you.”

Q&A host Tony Jones when reached for comment on Lambie’s car park appearance responded with: “I’ll take that as a comment and I will also be taking an Uber to next week’s show.”

Senator Lambie also said that once she’d punched on at Q&A she would then look to appear on other shows for a ‘discussion of ideas.’

“I reckon I could take that wimpy looking Andrew Bolt bloke and Gerard Henderson on Insiders would be no match for my wit or my fist.”

Mark Williamson


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