Australia’s Alt-Right Calls For Section 18C To Be Lowered To 13C


Australia’s freedom of speech crusaders have today called on the federal government to consider lowering section 18C of the racial discrimination act to section 13C of the act. Citing American Milo Yiannopoulos as their inspiration.

Speaking to The (un)Australian on the condition of anonymity a spokesperson for the ‘Alt-Right’ said: “Everyone knows section 18C is holding back freedom of speech so why don’t we just lower it to section 13C and be done with it? I mean 13 is thatnot a low enough number I mean it’s almost legal now, right?”

When pressed on their thoughts of Milo Yiannopoulos’ comments seemingly endorsing paedophilia the Alt-Right spokesperson said, “Woo hang on, let’s not go there, you know there’s some areas we should just not talk about. Maybe we could have a law preventing people from asking Milo about paedophilia.”

Australian media personality and freedom of speech defender Andrew Bolt was unavailable for comment as he was upset that he had to go to bed without his Milo.

Mark Williamson

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