Senator Malcolm Roberts Incensed That Aluminium Foil Isn’t GST Exempt

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts is incensed that last night’s Budget did not contain any changes to the GST, specifically an exemption for purchasers of aluminium foil.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Roberts said of the budget: “What a disappointing day for good, honest Australians who wish to protect their thoughts from being stolen by wearing a simple, yet stylish tin foil hat. This Government doesn’t care about the simple man or maybe they are in on it?”

“Wait are you trying to read my mind? Quick put your mobile phone in this microwave, ah it’s too late they’re coming to get me, get away from me, unclean, unclean. Praise be to cole.”

At this point Senator Roberts ran away from the interview whilst clutching a lump of coal and a role of caterer’s size aluminium foil.

When reached for comment on Senator Roberts demands of GST free aluminium foil, Treasurer Scott Morrison said: “As parliamentarians we do have access to free mental health evaluations. Or failing that maybe it’s time I drug tested Senators like I do welfare cheats.”

Mark Williamson

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