China Dismayed That Sam Dastyari Is All They Can Buy For $1 Million

The Chinese government has released a controversial video expressing outrage at the inflated cost of politician prices in Sydney, saying it is woeful that even a decrepit, run down politician from an unfashionable party like Labor can cost a staggering seven figures.

“You used to get real quality for a million dollars on the Sydney politician market but now even a fixer upper like Sam Dastyari, a long way from any kind of policy relevance, is beyond the reach of most buyers,” states the video which tours various locations in Sydney’s western suburbs stopping out front of various politicians with For Sale signs planted on their front lawns. “This one here is immaculately kept and has close access to the Bill Bus so you know you’re onto a good thing. But as you can see there’s not a lot going on upstairs.”

The makers of the video have apologised to the current owners of Sam Dastyari and stated that their intention was to show that all politicians in Sydney are overpriced, not just the posh ones from Vaucluse and the northern beaches.

Peter Green

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