Bill Shorten Launches Labor’s New White Australia Policy 2.0

Bill Shorten has kicked off Labor’s election campaign by launching the party’s new policy, White Australia 2.0 via a television advertising campaign on Channel 9.

A jubilant Mr Shorten talked to The (un)Australian about the new policy, saying: “We have listened to the people and we know that what they want is jobs for ordinary, everyday, white Australians.”

Asked whether his policy and advertising campaign was offensive to those without white skin, Mr Shorten responded: “Look I think it’s fair to say our campaign reflects modern day Australia.

“I, like you, watch television shows like Home and Away and The Logies  and look at those, all you see is white faces. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the supermarket to pick up some white bread.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was reached for comment on the Opposition leader’s policy, but was stunned when he realised he was being asked about Bill Shorten instead of Tony Abbott.

Mark Williamson

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