Bolt Calls For A Royal Commission Into The Treatment Of George Pell


Columnist Andrew Bolt has called for the Government to launch a Royal Commission into the police and public’s treatment of Cardinal George Pell.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Bolt explained his call for a Royal Commission, saying: “I can’t believe the incredulity of police and the public for not taking Cardinal Pell on his word.”

“How dare they question this man of God and the Catholic church. When has the Catholic church ever let anyone down? Sure Gillard’s Royal Commission did out a few bad apples but we also saw how Cardinal Pell went out of his way to move those apples around.”

Cardinal Pell could not be reached for comment as telephone calls were very strenuous on the Cardinal’s health. However his spokesperson did advise us to watch the Cardinals next sermon which would be live streamed around the world.

Mark Williamson

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