Late Night Talk Show Hosts Beg Donald Trump To Take A Break And Play More Golf

The union representing satirists, comedians and late night talk show hosts have presented the White House with a petition calling on President Trump to take a break and play more golf.

The petition is in response to many of the Union’s members suffering from exhaustion and fatigue in trying to keep up with the daily happenings at the White House.

A Union spokesperson spoke to The (un)Australian about the petition, saying: “Our people just can’t keep up. I mean we thought ok Scaramucci there’s a year’s worth of Bohemian Rhapsody material to keep us going and what 10 days later he’s gone?”

“We can’t keep working at this pace. I mean Bill Clinton gave us the whole Monica Lewinsky affair and that kept us occupied for years. George Bush Jr mispronounced a word here and there but he never tweeted them out.”

“Trump is throwing out so much stuff for us to satirise that we can’t keep up and neither can the public.”

The White house did not issue a statement upon receipt of the survey however they did say to expect the President to tweet about it later tonight.

Mark Williamson

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