Turnbull Condemns Shorten For Not Spitting On The Poor

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has launched a scathing attack on opposition leader Bill Shorten after Mr Shorten failed to spit on a poor person he passed on the street and had the gall to suggest a rise to the minimum wage.

“I’m not sure what game Bill Shorten is playing at but where I’m from if you see a poor person you spit on them, it’s for their own good,” said the Prime Minister. “And as if that wasn’t enough then old money bags Bill wants to give the working class a pay rise.”

“Doesn’t he know that they’ll only waste it on booze and cigarettes.”

When asked how he would help the working poor the Prime Minister replied: “The answer is obvious tax cuts for business and the rich. You reward those who have worked hard to inherit their riches and minimised their tax concerns.”

“They in turn will pass on the benefits. I mean someone has to serve food at our parties and mow our lawns.”

Mark Williamson


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2 replies

  1. Hey, that’s not satire, that’s truth.

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  2. I just wish he would use the honest term for “trickle down economics” , a golden shower on the poor.


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