Turnbull Shocked That Royal Commission Investigating Banks Not Banksy

The Prime Minister has expressed concern and annoyance that the Royal Commission that his Government set up is investigating Banks rather than his planned target the artist Banksy.

“This is a most concerning occurrence,” said the Prime Minister. “I mean why would we want to investigate Banks when there are more pressing and dangerous industries and companies around like this Banksy chap.”

“I mean can you believe the nerve of this fellow, putting art on walls. He should be putting art where it belongs on canvases so that it can be hung in galleries and bought by the likes of me for my private collection.”

When asked how the Royal Commission into Banks rather than Banksy occurred the Prime Minister replied: “Well Scotty and I were sitting back quaffing some sherry and discussing the countries most pressing issues. Namely unsightly graffiti when he said we should hold a Royal Commission into Banksy that’ll appease the peasants. We laughed and well we must have written down Banks rather than Banksy.”

“But don’t worry about the Banks I’ll have Scotty give them some tax cuts and incentives in the Budget. I’ll make it up to them.”

Mark Williamson


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