Tony Abbott Acquires Power Station As First Part Of Glorious Five Year Plan

Beloved leader Chairman Tony Abbott has taken ownership of the Liddell Power Station for the people in the first part of a glorious five year economic plan.

“From each according to his ability to produce greenhouse gas to each according to his need to be submerged in several meters of sea water,” said the Dear Leader. “The best way to stop the socialists like Bill Shorten from grabbing all of the private property is to grab it all for ourselves first.”

Fresh from his 370 day long march from the wilderness of Warringah to Canberra, Secretary General Abbott also unveiled plans to improve the manners of the government by renaming cabinet the “Polite-bureau”.

“Lumps of coal of the world unite, you have nothing to lose other than a boring life sitting in a seam deep under some picturesque bit of countryside,” said Uncle Tony to cheering crowd of thousands of smiling peasants.

Peter Green

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