New Zealand Offers Asylum To Australia’s Live Export Sheep

The New Zealand Government has reached out to Australia to offer asylum to any sheep affected by the cruel process of live exporting.

“We think it is barbaric and cruel that these sheep are subjected to inhumane conditions then left on an island indefinitely with no hope of making it to Australia. Oh wait that’s how you lot treat people,” said a New Zealand Government Official. “God knows what suffering you let the poor sheep endure.”

“Send us your Asylum seekers and your sheep we will love and look after both, like any half decent country would.”

When reached for comment Minister for The Dark Arts Peter Dutton replied: “New Zealand need to stay out of our business. We decide how we treat sheep and people and if they don’t like it that’s tough. This makes me so mad, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to kick a puppy.”

Mark Williamson

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