Gladys Berejiklian Launches Re-Election Campaign With New Slogan ‘Luke Foley’

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has launched her bid to be re-elected by revealing her parties new slogan: ‘Luke Foley.’

“We thought long and hard on how to launch this campaign. Would we make it about infrastructure or investment but instead we went with incompetence, in the form of Luke Foley,” said a Spokesperson for the Premier. “I mean have you seen this guy in action, at first we thought he was actually comedian Chris Lilley’s newest character. But he’s not he’s an actual politician.”

“If Foley were any more incompetent I’d swear he was actually an undercover Liberal.”

When pressed on whether the slogan ‘Luke Foley’ would lead to a successful re-election the spokesperson replied: “If going by the results from our focus groups then yep we’re home and hosed. We did toy with the slogan of Premier Luke Foley but no one could actually read that without laughing.”

Opposition Leader Luke Foley said of the slogan: “Any publicity is good publicity, I’m getting out there. Last year it was Luke who, now it’s can you believe what Luke Foley did this time. Small steps but good steps. Here’s hoping we are heading to an election white wash, sorry no black wash ah no a win I meant to say win, please don’t print this.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. The biggest joke in the Lib gov is Gareth Ward! Having been a liberal voter my entire adult life I’m ashamed and angry at the treatment myself and the community are receiving here in Wollongong with the Gov planning to dump Australia’s largest max jail in one of NSW fastest growing residential areas ..for the first time in 51yrs I will be considering my options and not automatically voting Lib. SHAME ON YOU!!! NO KEMBLA GRANGE JAIL!!


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