Channel 7 Stunned To Learn They Paid $150K To An Irrelevant Backbencher

Channel 7 is in damage control today after learning that the $150,000 they paid to interview what they thought was the deputy Prime Minister is instead going to an irrelevant backbencher who did nothing more than have a child with his colleague.

“We have really messed up with this one,” said a Channel 7 Spokesperson. “I mean Barnaby looked and sounded like someone who matters. He has been all over Skynews giving his thoughts on different policies and the what not, so we just assumed he was relevant.”

“Boy were we wrong.”

When asked about his impending cash for comments Mr Joyce said: “Look I’ve got nothing to say unless of course you have a cheque book handy, or cash. Oh boy I tell ya everything’s coming up Barnaby. You can have that one as a freebie.”

Barnaby Joyce’s interview will air in the coming weeks on Channel 7’s Sunday night program.

Mark Williamson

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