Channel 7 Announces World Exclusive Interview With Roseanne Barr

Channel 7 has today announced that their flagship current affairs program Sunday Night will sit down and interview Roseanne Barr, fresh off her firing for a series of racist tweets.

“We have worked hard this year as a network to reach out to some of the most polarising figures to give them a voice and a payday,” said a network Spokesperson. “If this interview goes well we may work with Roseanne on other projects. Maybe Roseanne and Pauline Hanson could team up for a remake of The Odd Couple or we could reboot Kingswood Country.”

“The opportunities are endless.”

When asked whether Roseanne would be paid for her interview the Spokesperson replied: “We did reimburse Roseanne for her time but we didn’t go stupid and pay her a huge amount. Definitely not Barnaby money that’s for sure. I mean Roseanne is in a good place financially and only has the one family to feed.”

Channel 7 has not yet set a date for it’s interview with Roseanne or who will conduct it. Front runners include: David Koch, Bruce McAveney or the Cash Cow.

Mark Williamson

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