Trump Appoints Roseanne Barr As Official White House Tweetsperson

American President Donald Trump has announced today that former actor/comedian Roseanne Barr will be joining his administration as the official White house Tweetsperson.

“What a great day for America to have someone of the caliber of Roseanne sending out tweets on behalf of this great nation, it’s beautiful,” said the President. “I mean sure she’s not much of a looker but what a mind. Roseanne tweets and the world reacts, she’s almost as good at me on the tweeting machine.”

“I tell you this will make America great again.”

When asked for comment on her new role Roseanne Barr said: “I apologise, wait no I don’t I blame it all on ambien, I’m going to quit taking it right now. Don’t suppose you have any ambien on you?”

“What a week huh. I have a TV show I lose a TV show. Maybe I should call Bill Cosby or Louis CK and we could get a comedy tour going. Maybe we could go to the Middle east and appall the Troops.”

Mark Williamson

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