Hanson Banned From Parliamentary Sandpit For Not Playing Well With Others

Pauline Hanson has been banned from the Parliamentary sandpit after not playing well with her friends and colleagues.

“We had to take action today as Pauline was bullying the other people in the sandpit and not sharing her toys with her friend Mathias despite promising to do so,” explained a Parliamentary sandpit supervisor. “Her friend Brian tried to help her keep her promises and then well did she turn on him.”

“We tried giving her a time out but she just went and threw a tantrum and cried to her friend Skynews. So we had to send her home”

When reached for comment Pauline Hanson said of her ban: “It’s not fair they started it, I am the innocent victim. I don’t want to play in their stupid sandpit anyway. I’ve got my own sandpit and it’s better than theirs.”

“As for Brian he’s not my friend anymore! He can go to hell or worse join the Shooter’s party.”

Mark Williamson 


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