Channel 7 Announces Exclusive Interview With Embattled Politician Emma Husar’s Dog

Channel 7 has issued a press release spruiking their exclusive interview with embattled Labor Politician Emma Husar’s dog. Which will air this weekend on their flagship current affairs show Sunday Night.

What a coup for the network and we didn’t pay an arm and a leg for it like we did with the Barnaby Joyce interview,” said a Network Spokesperson. “Well technically we did pay the dog a leg, but it was just a leg of lamb.”

“The people of Australia will be glued to their television sets to hear what the dog has to say for itself.”

When asked how they will get the dog to talk the Spokesperson replied: “Oh that’s the easy part we’ll just get some peanut butter and put it on the roof of the dog’s mouth. The exact same method we used when we got Barnaby Joyce to talk.”

The interview will air this Sunday night with industry analysts expecting 10’s or people to watch.

Mark Williamson

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