Ireland Considers Pauline Hanson’s Visit An Act Of War

The Irish Government has released a statement condemning Australia for sending Pauline Hanson over on a visit and has indicated that they consider it an act of war.

“By sending this toxic hate filled individual to our country we take it as an attack. I mean why else would she be here,” said a Spokesperson for the Irish Government. “Every 5 minutes she’s either asking us to please explain, tell us we are in danger of being swamped by everything from Asians to spaghetti monsters or approaching our beggars on the street and asking them if they want to run as a candidate for One Nation.”

“Please make her go away or at least don’t ever let her travel with Cunard again or F’n Cunard as she pronounces it.”

When reached for a comment on her holiday Senator Hanson was seemingly oblivious to the hostility her trip has caused saying: “I’m having an absolute ball everyone here is so friendly and so white, it’s fantastic.”

However when talk turned to her Candidate in the Longman by-elections shady past Senator Hanson was not so enthused saying: “Longman by-election, I’m sorry you’re breaking up can’t hear you…it’s a really bad line….I’ll call back…..”

Mark Williamson

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