EXCLUSIVE: Barnaby Joyce Book Excerpt


Weatherboard And Iron: An Excerpt

I remember seeing her walk across the office and I thought, gee I wouldn’t mind having a crack at that.

Later in the copy room after a swig or 3 of Dutch courage I managed to mumble to her: “Do you root?” To which she replied: “Not usually me boss but you’ve talked me into it you silver tongued bastard.”

From that first encounter came a new chapter in my life, one that has definitely had its ups and downs. If you know what I mean.

Being a parent is hard. Being a parent in the spotlight is even harder. People may think $150k is a lot of scratch to get for an interview but it’s not when you have families to feed.

I remember the day of the exclusive interview with Channel 7. I hadn’t been that nervous since I was in the Doctor’s surgery waiting for the paternity results.

As they set up the cameras I remember saying to myself, now Barnaby don’t mess this up. You can fake knowing how to bathe and change a baby whilst talking about your favourite subject. Yourself.

I do worry about young Sebastian’s future, things are different now. In the good old days, he’d eventually take over the family business of being a member of Parliament just like his alleged Dad.

But those days are gone now. We saw at the recent by-election young Georgina Downer had her inheritance taken away from her. The seat of Mayo has been in her family for generations. But not anymore alas. I worry for the youth of tomorrow.

Barnaby Joyce’s book Weatherboard And Iron will be in all good book stores in time for Father’s day. It will also be in the discount bins by Christmas.

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