Ray Hadley’s Anger Over Father Of The Year Snubbing

Ray HAdley

Shock jock Ray Hadley has launched a blistering attack on the organisers of the Australian Father of the year award after he was left off the short list of finalists.

“Can you believe the hide on these people, how dare they not recognise me, Ray Hadley. I tell you this country has gone to the dogs,” said an irate Hadley. “I should be handed this award on a gold platter, I bet you Turnbull’s behind it. Abbott would’ve stuck by a Mate.”

When asked why he felt aggrieved at being left off the short list Mr Hadley responded: “Do you even have to ask, my kids love me. There is not a thing I wouldn’t do to cover up er I mean protect them.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have to be off to appear at a bail hearing.”

Former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was said to be aggrieved after he was also left off the short list.

Mark Williamson 


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