Barnaby Joyce To Appear As A Contestant On The Bachelor To Promote His New Book


Channel 10 has announced that the next season of The Bachelor starring former Wallaby Nick Cummins aka ‘The Honey Badger’ will feature former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce as a contestant seeking to win over Nick’s heart.

“I have books to sell and families to feed. So if that means batting my eyes at a former footballer for a couple of weeks then so be it,” said Barnaby Joyce. “Admittedly it’s no Love Island but I can handle being locked up in a mansion with a bunch of hotties.”

“I do have a great pick up line, how’d you like to get $150K for a tell all interview.”

When reached for comment on Barnaby Joyce’s attempt to win his heart (and sell books) the Honey Badger said: “Strewth I didn’t expect any of the sheilas to have a twig and berries and a couple of families full of rug rats.”

“Tell you what I’ll buy a truck load of his book if that’ll mean not seeing him swan about the Bachelor’s mansion in his reg grundies.”

Channel 10’s The Bachelor premiers in late August. Barnaby Joyce will be appearing on every television show, radio show and street corner spruiking his new book from now until the next election.

Mark Williamson

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