PM Morrison Pledges To End ‘Dutton To Human Conversion Therapy’


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised the Australian people an end to the controversial ‘Dutton to Human conversion therapy’ that was recently unsuccessfully trialed in Australia over the last month.

“We thought we had the techniques and methods to turn Minister Dutton into a human but alas we did not get there,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “It started off quite promising we got the Dutton to crack a smile without falling apart or killing somebody but after that things started going pear shaped.”

“Or should it be au pair shaped?”

When asked what in particular went wrong during the controversial Dutton to Human conversion therapy the Prime Minister replied: “What went right is a better question. The Dutton tried to over throw the Government. Thankfully faulty wiring meant it was unable to process numbers so that put a stop to that.”

“But the Dutton did get close to being PM, we will work now to disable that function on him so it doesn’t happen again.”

Mark Williamson

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