Liberal Party Reaches Out To Dick Smith To Run For Them As They Believe Parliament Needs More Dicks


Scott Morrison’s Liberal party has reached out to former Australian of the year recipient Dick Smith in an effort to convince him to run for them as a candidate. With the party under the belief that parliament is in the midst of a shortage of dicks.

“We have extended an invitation to Dick Smith as we believe he is a fair dinkum Aussie having a go,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “We reward people who have a go and are fair dinkum especially if they are a dick.”

When asked if the party should be looking to recruit women rather than more middle aged white men Prime Minister Morrison replied: “The Liberal party is a party of merit we don’t see race, sex or religion we simply seek to recruit the best dicks we can to run the country.”

“It’s always a bonus as well if those dicks happen to be rich and white.”

Mark Williamson

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