Craig Kelly To Switch Jobs With Wayne Bennett And Coach the Broncos

Craigg Kelly

In an effort to quell the furor over the pre-selection of conservative firebrand Craig Kelly for the upcoming election, Primer Minister Scott Morrison has done a deal that will land Kelly at the Broncos and Bennett as the Liberal candidate for the seat of Hughes.

“It’s a win, win situation,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “Wayne Bennett has worn out his welcome in Brisbane and Craig is a bit on the nose in Canberra so why not swap them?”

“I mean it works well on that show Wife Swap so why won’t it work here. We could call it dickhead swap.”

When asked how he feels Mr Kelly will go as Coach of an NRL team given his lack of experience with the game, the Prime Minister replied: “Well Craig had no idea about politics and look how well that went so what’s the worst that could happen at the Broncos.”

“Do they still kick teams out of the league?”

The Prime Minister was also rather optimistic about NRL Coach Wayne Bennett’s chances in parliament, saying: “You would not find a more personable bloke than Wayne to run for parliament. Should he win I see big things ahead for him.”

“He’d be great as a Government spokesperson dealing with the press.”

Mark Williamson

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