Morrison Government Fails To Win An AACTA Acting Award For Its Performance As A Government


The Morrison Government has left the AACTA awards empty handed after their attempt to act like a Government was labelled weak and unconvincing by critics.

“The AACTA awards are all about acting and the craft and we have seen none of this from the Morrison Government,” said an AACTA Spokesperson. “I mean look at the Prime Minister, he went to the G20 last week and no one knew who he was.”

“He couldn’t even convince Donald Trump that he was a leader. Have you seen Mr Trump’s hair the greatest actor in the world is the hairdresser who convinces him that it looks good.”

When asked his thoughts on failing to win an AACTA, Mr Morrison said: “Who needs acting awards when I can make my own trophies. Did you see the one I made myself for stopping the boats?”

“I also have one that the kids made me saying ‘World’s Best Dad’ and one that Tony Abbott made me to commemorate the time that I  ‘Slayed the Malcolm.’ So all you AACTA types take your awards and stick ’em.”

“Cause that’s what I’m going to do with your funding.”

Mark Williamson

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