Hanson To Pay The Unemployed 10c For Every One Nation Candidate That They Pick Up Off The Ground


Senator Pauline Hanson has proposed a new work for the dole scheme whereby the unemployed would be paid 10 cents for every One Nation candidate that they pick up off the ground and take to a council depot to be destroyed.

“I think it is time that the unemployed people of this country gave something back,” said Senator Hanson. “For too long they have stood by and watched as this nation is overrun by the menace that is One Nation candidates”

“I mean just look at the damage that Fraser Anning did to St Kilda beach on the weekend.  We just can’t let him and his ilk run riot.”

When asked if she bears any responsibility for the plague of One Nation candidates that is swarming Australia given that she was the person who released them into the wild, Senator Hanson said: “No I do not.”

“I thought that One Nation candidates would help deal with the waves of multiculturalism that had invaded Australia but if anything it has only made things worse. I shall have to look at importing some overseas alt-right people to help me to deal with the problem.”

“That should work and failing that maybe look at importing, lions, tigers or bears.”

Mark Williamson 


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  1. Hi Mark,

    I’ve tried to find you FB page but this link is dead and I can’t find it in a FB search. Does it still exist?



  2. Sorry I wasted 10 seconds of my life reading this shit


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