Aussie Teen Seeks Asylum In Saudi Arabia After Being Forced To Do The Washing Up


‘Sooooo unfair!’

A sixteen year old Australian teenager is seeking political asylum in Saudi Arabia after claiming that her family have forced her to do the washing up, forbidden her from looking at her mobile phone at the dinner table, and made her go visit grandma at Christmas time.

“If I’m sent back I’ll totally have to babysit my idiot little brother and listen to more of dad’s dodgy pun jokes,” tweeted Melbourne teenager Pheeona Simpson from her hotel room in Bangkok. “Does the world realise that in traditional Australian society a teenage girl has no rights to avoid being spotted by her friends shopping at Westfield on a Saturday morning with her mother and father?”

Ms Simpson escaped whilst the rest of her family were enjoying a talent night at the Lakes Entrance caravan park where they were holidaying.

According to the United Nations High Commission on Refugees, Pheeona has the right to seek asylum in Saudi Arabia where teenagers are not forced to walk the family dog every evening, can have their own Netflix account, and can get their lip pierced if all their other friend’s are doing it.

“Yeah whatever,” said Pheeona when told that the UNHCR had taken up her case.

Peter Green

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