Candlelight Vigils To Be Held For Victims Of The Gillette Razor Campaign


Candlelight vigils will be held worldwide to help men cope with the hurt feelings that they have suffered following the release of the Gillette razor campaign that some feel was critical of all men.

“We as a community need to get behind our men and show them that it’s ok for them to walk down the street without being leered at or jeered,” said a candlelight vigil Spokesperson. “Men are really suffering, for some this is the first time in their lives that they have faced any form of perceived criticism.”

“Can you imagine the pain and suffering that they might be going through?”

Rallies will be held in all major cities including Sydney where guest speakers will include Miranda Devine and Caleb Bond.

“It’s quite a coup to get Caleb to speak. As a 19-year-old man, he knows the suffering that men have to endure. It’s time for society to stand up and say to men we accept and believe in you,” said the Spokesperson.

Mark Williamson

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  1. What campaign are you talking about?


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