Abbott Tipped To Take O’Dwyer’s Place As Minister For Women


The Member for Warringah Tony Abbott has been tipped to return to Cabinet as the acting Minister for Women following the unexpected resignation of the current Minister for Women Kelly O’Dwyer.

“I will be honoured to take back the reigns so to speak as Minister for Women should the call from Scotty come,” said Tony Abbott. “I do bring a lot to the role you know a bit of sex appeal if I do say so myself and my last run as Minister for Women went well if I do also say so myself.”

“It is good to see Kelly O’Dwyer head back to the kitchen so to speak. I uh think we can agree that politics really isn’t any place for a Lady.”

When asked whether he would also be taking back any of his other old roles like the Prime Ministership a coy Tony Abbott said: “Ah, look you never know what’s around the corner it could be a Dutton with a knife and he might come up Shorten again.”

“So I will never say never after all I axed the tax, stopped the boats and ate the onions.”

Mark Williamson

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