Morrison Announces New Public Holiday Australia Day 2

morrison 730

Interim Australian Prime Minister Scott ‘ScoMo’ Morrison has told colleagues of his plans to launch a new public holiday in honour of Australia planned for February 10th, the day will be called Australia day 2.

“How good was Australia day, I had so much fun I thought we’ve gotta do this again,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “Sure some of the inner city trendies had a bit of a tanty but hey I don’t care about them I only care about good honest Australians.”

“You know Australians with southern cross tattoos, larrikins who wear the flag as a cape, Aussies who gather at beaches for a bit of a rally and a barbie, they’re the people I lead.”

When asked if he felt the date of February 10th was appropriate given it was also the same date as the Cape Grim massacre an event in Tasmania where 30 Aboriginals were slaughtered, Mr Morrison replied: “There’s always something with you people, gee can’t you just relax and have some fun.”

“Look what happened in the past yes it was not good but come on let’s have a beer and a barbie and come together and pat ourselves on the back to remind us how good we are as a country.”

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”

Mark Williamson

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