Hanson Condemns Australians Of The Year For Rescuing Thai Kids Over Australian Ones


Pauline Hanson has come out strongly against the two cave diving Doctors who were awarded the Australian of the year award. Demanding to know why they chose to rescue children from Thailand instead of local Australian children.

“I’m sick and tired of our Australian of the year recipients putting the needs of those overseas ahead of us Aussies,” said Senator Hanson. “I mean did these two diving doctors check to see if any local kiddies were stuck in caves, well did they?”

“I mean it’s all well and good to help those overseas but we need to start helping ourselves here.”

When asked who she thought should be awarded Australian of the year Senator Hanson replied: “I was stunned that the award was not given to in my opinion Australia’s smartest man, Malcolm Roberts.”

“The man is a genius, he knows everything there is to know about everything and he can count past 50. Show me a more qualified person than that.”

“And he’s never been to Thailand.”

Mark Williamson 


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