Sky News To Hold Candlelight Vigil For Victims Of Eggings

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News network Sky News has announced it’s plans to host a nation wide candlelight vigil on behalf of victims of surprise eggings. The vigil follows elected (sic) Senator Fraser Anning’s egging over the weekend.

“In times like these it’s easy to forgot the victims,” said a Sky News Spokesperson. “One day you’re standing around with a bunch of neo-nazi mates sharing racist and bigoted propaganda and the next minute you are standing there with egg on your face.”

“These are dangerous times.”

When asked why Sky News was spending so much time focusing on the egging rather than the abhorrent remarks of Senator Anning that caused the egging or the New Zealand terror attack victims, the Spokesperson replied: “What came first the attack or the egg? Actually don’t answer that. We are simply speaking for the silent majority.”

“The 10’s of people who tune into Sky News each day to hear our commentary. The dozens of white men who feel that their voices are not being heard. That is who we look out for and that is for whose name we will march.”

The candlelight vigil for victims of eggings will be held nation wide this Friday, with the Sydney vigil to be hosted by Comedian and TV host Adam Hills.

Mark Williamson

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