Boos For David Warner All Coming From Rest Of Australian Team

david warner

Alarmed team officials have confirmed that all the loud booing that David Warner received during Australia’s opening game at the ICC Cricket World Cup emanated from the other players on the Australian team.

“The English fans in the crowd were actually in quite a forgiving mood but their polite applause for Dave was drowned out by a chorus of mighty boos from the bloke fielding at deep fine leg and the slips cordon,” said Australian coach Justin Langer. “Even Aaron Finch would follow up his little chat with Warner at the end of each over about which way he thought the bowler was swinging it by letting loose a boo.”

Fellow coach Ricky Ponting has denied that Warner is unpopular amongst his team mates for his part in the sandpaper-gate incident.

“This is a tight unit and it’s ridiculous that we’d go after Dave like he was Chris Broad or something BOOOOO..” said Ponting, as he spotted Warner emerging from a net session.

Warner has vowed not to let the booing get to him and has responded by placing a pair of polished wooden earplugs in his ears that opener Cameron Bancroft has hand crafted for him during down times in the field.

Peter Green

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