Police Treat Margaret Fulton’s Death As Suspicious As The Competition To Be A Masterchef Judge Heats Up

Margaret Fulton

Police have confirmed that they are treating the death of 94 year old culinary icon Margaret Fulton as suspicious. They believe that Fulton may have been targeted by a fellow chef as she was seen as a potential front runner in the race to be named one of the next Masterchef judges.

“At this stage we have not ruled out foul or even fowl play in the death of Margaret Fulton,” said Detective Inspector Allan Carte. “We do have a number of suspects in the case however we have ruled out George Calombaris as he does have an alibi and hitmen generally don’t work without being paid penalty rates.”

When asked if there was a prime suspect in the case the Detective Inspector said: “At this stage we are investigating a number of leads the most notable one being that a broken bottle of Verjuice was found beside the body of Margaret Fulton.”

The family has not yet released details of a planned memorial service however it is believed that Margaret Fulton will be cremated at 425 degrees for twenty minutes then sat on a bench for ten minutes before being served.

Mark Williamson

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  1. This is a joke right? 1. Like any of the judges or other people wanting to be a judge would try to kill her. 2. Not to be cruel but how many years would she have been able to judge for anyway? And 3. What’s with the ending of this article, saying that she will be cremated at 425c for 20 min then sat on a bench for 10min before being served. Lol as if. And 4. Just because there was a broken Verjuice bottle next to her dose not equal foul play she probably was cooking and had a heart attack or stroke or slipped.


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