Big Bad Wolf Urges Three Little Pigs To Buy Sydney Apartment Block

OPal tower

The Big Bad Wolf has strongly advised the Three Little Pigs to invest in an off the plan apartment in a new Sydney development built entirely out of straw.

“The plans for the block have been passed by the same building inspectors who approved the Opal and Mascot Towers and they have assured me it will be 100% huff and puff proof,” said property developer Big Bad Wolf. “It is being constructed from the highest quality straw and is in absolutely no danger of being blown down by any passing predator.”

Whilst one of the Three Little Pigs has bought an apartment in “Crackling Towers” at Alexandria, the other two have said “no no no not I” and are investing elsewhere.

“I’m buying a flat in a block made from good quality sticks at Zetland,” said the second little pig. “The plans have been signed off by a Mr B. B. Wulf. I wonder if he’s any relation to the bloke who hastily built it.”

“I got an independent inspector to look at the plans for the other two places and thought ‘not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin’,” said the third little pig. “I’m buying a 1920s brick home in Burwood. I really like the chimney with a huge fireplace underneath it that is just the right size for my wolf sized cooking pot.”

Peter Green

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