Barnaby Joyce Calls For More Government Funding For Families Namely His


Former Special Envoy for the drought Barnaby Joyce has called upon the Government to increase funding to families namely his in the coming term of parliament.

“I know how hard it is to raise a family on a single income, heck I know how hard it is to raise two families on a single income,” said Mr Joyce. “What this Government needs to do is to look out for all the family guys out there.”

“Especially those family guys who may have one, two or even three separate families.”

When asked how it is he is struggling to get by on a two hundred thousand dollar a year salary Mr Joyce replied: “I’ve got mouths to feed, kids to school and women to wine and dine…err I mean rent to pay.”

“I tell you walk a mile in my shoes and you try and survive on such a pittance. Lord knows how those on Newstart manage it, but we’ll get to them after we’ve looked after me…err I mean families.”

Mark Williamson

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