Australian Dairy Industry Begs Protesters To Throw Milkshakes Not Eggs At Nigel Farage


The Australian dairy industry has passionately pleaded with protesters to go with milkshakes instead of eggs when they protest UK Right wing ‘voice’ Nigel Farage’s visit to Australia next week.

“This is not a political thing for us we just need people to start buying more dairy,” said a Dairy industry Spokesperson, “I mean sure eggs are easier to throw and conceal, but pouring a milkshake on someone is a way better visual.”

“And the egg industry is doing just fine right now not like us poor dairy farmers.”

Organisers of Mr Farage’s visit were asked about the dairy industry’s call for milkshakes over eggs to which they said: “Very good, very good we right wingers can take a joke you know. But I call on people not to egg, milkshake or waffle our speakers.”

“Although if there is a demand for this sort of thing maybe instead of a meet and greet which we charge people hundreds for we could do a meet and egg or a meet and milkshake which we could charge thousands for.”

“By jove you lefties are onto something.”

Mark Williamson

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