Hanson Blames Childhood Obesity On A Lack Of Guns In Schools


Australia’s leading bigot Pauline Hanson has used her latest paid appearance on Channel 9’s The Today Show to blame the current rising levels of childhood obesity on Australia’s gun laws.

“Kids today feel safe going to school and as a result they’ve gotten lazy and obese,” said Senator Hanson. “Unlike American kiddies who have to occasionally run for their lives or duck under a table which keeps them fit, alert and sometimes alive.”

“You combine a lack of running from gunshots at schools with the lower levels of kiddies taking up smoking and it’s a ticking time bomb.”

When asked what kids not smoking had to do with obesity Senator Hanson explained: “Smoking keeps the weight off, any medical doctor will tell you that.”

“I tell you more guns and more smokes will make for healthier children.”

“Don’t believe me ask the smartest man I know Malcolm Roberts, he has shown me hours of YouTube documentaries proving this.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me Malcolm has found a great new blog on how vaccinating your children will lead them towards being social degenerates or worse Collingwood supporters, I must go and read it.”

Mark Williamson

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