Remake Of Mel Gibson’s What Women Want Tipped To Star Fred Nile


Minister, NSW Politician and self-appointed expert on all things female, Fred Nile has been tipped to star in the planned remake of the Mel Gibson film What Women Want.

“We’ve been looking for someone to play the title role for a couple of months now,” said a Hollywood Insider. “And then I found myself inside the NSW Parliament and heard this 80 something-year-old man going on and on about woman’s reproductive rights.”

“There and then I knew that this was my leading man. I mean could you imagine the confidence on a guy to think they could tell women all about their bodies and rights?”

A chuffed Reverend Fred Nile spoke to The (un)Australian about his new role, saying: “It’s good to see that someone is finally listening to what I have to say, took long enough.”

“I can’t wait to tell the world’s women how to act, behave and handle their bodies. I’m an expert you know been married twice.”

Filming for What Women Want will commence filming after the Reverend Nile has finished legislating in NSW what women want.

Mark Williamson

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