Greens Refuse Chinese Donation In Single Use Plastic Bag


The Greens have today told ICAC that they flat out refused to take money from Chinese donors after they were approached by a person carrying a single use plastic bag full of cash.

“It’s just not on for someone in this day and age to carry around a large sum of money in a single use plastic bag,” said Greens leader Richard Di Natale. “I mean couldn’t they have used a canvas or string bag?”

“I think it’s time the Government looked at banning developers from using single use plastic bags.”

The Liberals when reached for comment on donations in plastic bags were also very anti the idea with a party spokesperson saying: “It’s appalling that Labor would take cash in a plastic bag. Were there no Burberry or Louis Vuitton bags available?”

“Heck these people work in politics haven’t they ever heard of an off shore account, cash under the dash is so 1980’s.”

Mark Williamson and Peter Green

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