Hanson Calls On The Government To Nuke The Drought


Pauline Hanson has taken time out from her new hobby of sliding down famous Australian landmarks to demand that the Prime Minister do something for the farmers like nuking the drought.

“It’s about time this Government did something for the farmers,” said the Queensland Senator as she slowly slid down the sails of the Sydney Opera House. “If Donald Trump can nuke a hurricane then why can’t we nuke the drought?”

“I have it on good authority from one of Australia’s greatest scientific minds Malcolm Roberts (sic) that nuking the drought would work.”

When asked how nuclear weapons would help the drought Senator Hanson replied: “You reporters with all your questions and doubts. Let me tell you something, doubts don’t stop droughts.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I need to attend an important meeting with Malcolm Roberts he’s off to storm Area 51 next week you know.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison could not be reached for comment as he was busy being ignored by other world leaders at the G7 conference.

Mark Williamson


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